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12th February 2017

zeldafan4ever11:14pm: Sabriel fic idea :)
It's been a year since Dean has passed away. Gabriel was resurrected without his grace a couple years before that and has lived in the bunker with Sam and Dean since and has been hunting with them. Sam in now 55 and his age is starting to catch up to him. Arthritis and whatnot are starting to affect him. Gabriel was resurrected at his age that he died when Lucifer killed him so he is much younger than Sam. Him and Sam are still hunting but it's much more difficult for Sam. And Deans death was extremely hard to Sam. Sam and Grabriel are very close now and Gabriel is trying to take care of Sam as much as he can since Sams age is slowing him down. Castiel is back up in heaven.

Anyway it's an idea :)
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21st September 2007

lady_dragonmoon5:08pm: Prompt

Title: About Them Apples

lady_dragonmoon - Niina C
Rating: Pg-13
Prompts used: #3 - Apple
Summary: Aftermath of a silly argument
Orphan Status: Up for adoption.
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30th July 2006

_seraphina_9:07pm: Weekly Prompts
I am a bad bad mod...my laziness only goes towards re-enforcing just how completely australian i am and i apologise.
So, here are some new prompts for you all!
Hope you find imspiration!

Prompt 1, Pocket Watch

Prompt 2, Feather

Prompt 3, Apple

Please feel free to post your own image prompts HERE
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3rd July 2006

jakisbishlygay1:00am: Spn gen fic (G)
I think my ovaries are trying to tell me something.

Title: Tent's and sleeping bags
Author: jakisbishlygay
Rating: G
Spoilers: None
Notes: Written for spn_prompts, prompt 1: Two-Man tent.  Un-beta'd
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23rd June 2006

queeniegalore11:40am: Prompt 1: The Tent

In the spirit of diversity, I give you not a fic, per se, but a conversation about an event in Sam and Dean's life that could be MADE into a fic, were anyone so inclined. _seraphina_ and I were chatting last night, trying to fix our broken Wincest, when she brought up the two man tent and insisted on knowing what happened in it. I told her. And then she elaborated. And two thousand crack-addled words later, we ended up with...this. I was going to clean it up properly and present it in a more fic-like form, but i's funnier if you read it like the actual conversation. Either of us might still turn it into a fic, and if any of y'all want to give it a go, feel welcome!

Prompts: The Two Man Tent
Authors: queeniegalore and _seraphina_
Catagory: Slash
Rating: Probably R-ish
Spoilers: No
Warnings: Crack, giggling, wincest

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22nd June 2006

queeniegalore9:37pm: Weekly Prompts!
Hello people! It's your friendly Vice-Mod here, with apologies and prompts. _seraphina_ and I have both had a lot on our plates recently, so prompts have been...sporadic, at best. But I've just started my mid-year break at uni, and Sera's work seems to be settling down, so hopefully we'll have your prompts back on track and running smoothly very soon :) Remember, keep responding! You don't have to write a fifty page epic, your story can be a drabble, a set of ideas, a ficlet, or ANYTHING you please. Also remember to share the love: More members means more fics which means more boys! :D

Ok. This weeks prompts:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
1. The two man tent

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
2. The laptop

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
3. The ice cream

Have fun!
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8th June 2006

_seraphina_2:06pm: Weekly Prompts
Ok, FINALLY I have my DSL back, i have my house back, i have my life back, i have my health back...THANK GOD!!!!
So, here are this weeks prompts!!

Prompt 1, Box of matches as submitted by ashlesha17

Prompt 2, rubber ducky as submitted by ashlesha17

Prompt 3, packet of condoms (check out the size, yo!)
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azinza1:51pm: quickfic
Title: Sunset (just toooo much imagination going on there!)
Author: azinza
Pairing: Sam and Dean, Sam's pov
Rating: R
Promt used: i think it was the third one, the Sunset.
Beta: _seraphina_ the great! All my love!
Spoilers: none, pretty much pwp
Warnings: bit of incest and boy/boy sex, but not much.
Disclaimer: not mine at all!
My notes: Written real quick and kept pretty vague on purpose, but not, if you get what I mean.

SunsetCollapse )
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5th June 2006

siberian_skys2:03pm: Feels Like Home
Title: Feels Like Home
Author: Siberian Skys
Pairing: Sam/Dean Category: Slash
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1333
Prompts Used: Round 7: A Dandelion
Spoilers: A minor one for Provenance and one for early in the first season.
Warnings: Wincest
Summary: Dean gets a "normal" life if he wants one or not.
Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended.
Notes: Thanks, as always, to my long-time beta, xscribe.

Feels Like Home
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1st June 2006

mel_b_angel3:14pm: "Nothing gold ..." Sunrise/set prompt
Title: 'Nothing gold ..."
Author: mel_b_angel
Category: gen
Rating: G
Prompts used: Round 7, 1. Sunrise or Sunset
Spoiler Warnings: None
Content Warnings: None
Summary: Dean's twilight ritual...

"Nothing gold ..." @ my journal
Current Mood: nervous
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queeniegalore9:26am: Round 7 Prompts
Hello everyone! I'm here as Vice-Mod, taking over from _seraphina_ who finds herself unable to post the prompts. She sent her apologies and askes that I do so, so! Here I am!

I do believe we're going to go back to a week per prompt, which means the new new prompt day shall be Thursday. We'd BOTH like to apologise for the delay. Also, send us your responses! They don't have to be high art, we like all sorts. Drabbles, ficlets, story ideas, whatever, just send 'em on in!

Cheers, Beck

1. Sunrise (or sunset, I guess)

2. Jeans

3. A Dandelion

PS. A list of ten prompts were sent to me by Sera, which were sent to HER by someone who's LJ name I don't know. So, thank you mysterious person for your wonderful pictures!
ETA: Have fixed Sera's username up there! Sorry, hun!
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24th May 2006

_seraphina_10:40pm: Right, for a number of reasons including the fact that I'm lazy, I'm stuck using dial-up for a few days instead of DSL, because of the lack of response this week and most of all, because i like order and structure, the next prompt update will not come until next monday. Call me anal, call me OC, call me whatever. Just take your cue!!! :D
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19th May 2006

mackeygenius8:08pm: Chocolate, by Mackeygenius
Title: Chocolate
Author: Mackeygenius
Rating: R
Word count: 377
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Prompt used: body paint
Warning: slash, incest
Summary: And maybe it's not exactly what his father had in mind, Dean thinks, as he draws the brush coated with chocolate body paint across Sammy's chest but Dean wouldn't have it any other way.
A/N: Tried to write something hot but not really sure with the result. The end may be kind of anti-climatic. *sweatdrop* non-betaed so don't beat me to death for the mistakes, please.
Current Mood: cheerful
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16th May 2006

_seraphina_2:50pm: Week 6 Prompts
goddamn crazy shifts have got me all over the place. Even later than usual, y'all still have a full week to respond. Looks like update day has moved to tuesday ;)

Prompt 1, crayons

Prompt 2, body paint, as submitted by madders

Prompt 3, the circus

Come on everyone! we have a whole heap of members but not a lot of people posting! Take your cue dudes!! Remember as little or as much effort as you want!
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15th May 2006

falconfan111:33am: http://falconfan1.livejournal.com/4699.html

All right that should be the link ladies and gents ;)
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14th May 2006

falconfan112:09pm: Fuzzy Dice?
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Author: falconfan1
Category: slash
Rating: R
Prompts used: All three of course
Spoiler Warnings: none
Pairing: Dean/Dean's hand ;)
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12th May 2006

queeniegalore4:18pm: Prompt Three: The Dice

Title: Pink Fuzzy Dice
Author: queeniegalore
Pairing: Sam/Dean i
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 934
Prompt used: The dice
Summery: Dean tells Sam what he likes in a girl. Sam is amused. PURE FREAKIN' FLUFF.

Current Mood: artistic
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10th May 2006

queeniegalore1:46pm: Prompt 1: The Bible
Title: Dream Brother
Author: queeniegalore
Pairing: Sam/Dean if you squint and tilt your head, kinda Sam/Jess
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 903
Prompt used: The Bible
Summery: Dean watches out for Sam and his ghosts

With thanks toJeff Buckley, I present Dream BrotherCollapse )
The love you lost with her skin so fair
Is free with the wind in her butterscotch hair
Her green eyes blew goodbyes
With her head in her hands
and your kiss on the lips of another...
Dream Brother with your tears scattered round the world...
 -Dream Brother/Jeff Buckley
He could see her, standing in the between their beds, her blonde hair shimmering in a light that didn’t exist in the hotel room, probably didn’t exist anywhere. He skin was glowing and no matter how gorgeous she looked, how serene, she was still a dead thing.
“Get out of here, Jessica,” he whispered, feeling an icy bead of sweat trickle down his forehead. The blankets were too hot, and the air was too cold, and Jessica was too beautiful and everything was wrong.
She just stared at him, her eyes large and empty, and took a step towards the other bed.
“Jess, please. Leave. Go away.”
Another step, and now there was something in those gorgeous eyes, something hungry and accusing, something desperate.
The blankets were becoming unbearable, he had to throw them off or die, had to get out of his bed and stand in front of the other one, because Jessica was taking another step, and when she reached it, when she stretched out those white arms and touched him…
He sat up, slowly, shivering and sweating, and pointed at the figure standing in front of his brother. “You have to let him go. He’s not yours anymore. You’re dead, Jess. You can’t be here.”
She looked startled, dropping her arms by her side and turning to face him. Her mouth opened, like she was trying to say something, but he didn’t hear a sound… But she was going, shaking her head and looking into his heart, coating it in ice as she faded away.
Silence. And then –
“Dean? S’going on? You say something?” Sam raised his head and squinted groggily through the darkness that separated their beds, hand fumbling for a light switch.
Dean slumped back against the pillows and sighed. “No, dude, you were dreaming. Go back to sleep.” His voice sounded thin and weak, strained to the point of breaking.
Sam didn’t notice. “Mmm. Whatever…” he mumbled before dropping his arm and softly descending back into snores. He wouldn’t remember anything when he woke in the morning.
Dean sighed and hauled himself up again, opening the bedside drawer and feeling around until he found the Bible shoved into the back. He pulled it out and held it for a moment, comforted by the solid weight of it in his hand, comforted by something real and infused with two thousand years of belief, even if that belief wasn’t his. It helped, and after a moment he felt strong enough to lean down and place the book on the floor next to his bed, shoving it out with his fingertips until he judged it to be about halfway between his and his brothers.
That done, he grabbed his jeans and checked all the pockets until he found a tiny packet of salt saved from that night’s fast food dinner. He tore it open with his teeth and hesitated for a moment, getting his thoughts in order. He was not good at this shit. Dean had no trouble remembering the lyrics to five Metallica albums, but this Bible crap? This was for Sammy, not him.
He’d had to learn fast.
The words came to him slowly, whispered as he sprinkled the salt over and around the Bible on the floor. Slightly modified to fit his needs, but there was power in that, too.
“Holy Michael, the Archangel, defend him. Be his safeguard against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke her, we humbly pray; and do you, O Prince of the heavenly host, by the power of God cast into hell Satan and all the spirits who wander through the world seeking the ruin of his soul. Amen.”
He screwed up the packet and tossed it away, then snuggled back into bed for the last time, the blankets not too hot anymore, the chill in the air receding. Sleep would be slow coming, but at least the night wasn’t wrong anymore. Just another night of lying awake, watching Sammy and watching out for his ghosts.
He thought of her face, the desperation in her large, painted-on eyes, the falsity of her beauty, and a part of him he felt for her. He could understand why she’d cross the void to get to Sam, why she’d turn her back on whatever came after death to linger here, hovering over his brother. He couldn’t hate her for that.
But she was hovering between them. She only ever appeared between them, right in Dean’s way, watching him as if to say ‘He still loves me, I’m dead but he still loves me more than you, and you will never have him’. And yeah maybe he felt for her, a little, but a man has his limits.
The salt and Bible would keep her away for a few nights, it might even be a week or so before she gathered enough energy to come again. Dean knew that in the nights that were free of her lay his chance. He also knew that it was a chance he’d never ever take.
So maybe he had to thank Jessica for something, after all, for letting him pussy out like that. She couldn’t get between their beds, he knew, if they shared the same one. Maybe if she saw them together she’d stop coming, stop giving Dean those accusing looks.
Dean, though, Dean would keep salt and Bibles handy, recite prayers…and never know.
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8th May 2006

_seraphina_11:09pm: Running late as usual.

Prompt 1, The Bible, as submitted by several people

Prompt 2, goldfish, as submitted by azinza

Prompt 3, Fluffy Dice

Don't forget that you can submit your own image prompt ideas at THIS post.
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7th May 2006

falconfan18:49am: WWBD?
Author: falconfan1
Category: slash
Rating: R
Prompts used: All three of course
Spoiler Warnings: none

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